The Teaser! (2012)

by Axeslasher



Audio Trailer for the upcoming AXESLASHER debut.


released June 8, 2012
Slasher Dave (Acid WItch) - Synth
Brynjar Helgetun (Crypticus / Ribspreader / Liklukt)- Drums
Jake Kauffman (Speedwolf) - Bass
Justin Lascelle (ex DDC / ex Enemy Reign) - Guitar / Vocals
Patrick Bruss (Crypticus) - Guitar Solo / Song Mix



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Axeslasher California

"The bottom line is this: Axeslasher write capital-E Evil riffs, the kinds of songs that are bound to inspire many an injurious pit. They are the real deal. Get on board with ‘em now, or be forced to eat pizza ’til you puke." -

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