In The Woods There Is No Law (1986 Mix)

by Axeslasher



I’ve had this song chambered for a while. I wanted to release it last year. But I’ve kept it under locks because I felt it would be opportunistic to release a song about killing cops at a time when cops erasing innocent black lives dominated the news cycle. I thought it poor taste. I thought I should save it for an ep and just let my anger subside.

But it keeps fucking happening. Innocent people slain by those sworn to protect them. It’s outrageous. It’s fucking disgusting. We should all be fucking pissed that no movement towards progress is being made on this front.

Fuck cops. If you’re a cop, Axeslasher doesn’t want you as a fan.

“In the Woods there is no Law” is a dual perspective narrative playing out form the POV of kids running from the cops and the cops chasing them. Unfortunately for Johnny law, our punk kids know of a horrifying secret in the woods and turn a fucked-up situation into a righteous cacophony of gore and viscera.


Verse 1
5.0, cheese it! Here come the fucking cops
Lead them to the woods and watch the bodies drop
Up here, its close! Just past the gaping maw
Lose the cops cuz in the woods there is no fucking law!

Pre Chorus 1
Stick with me, i know this place, i’ve been inside before
A temple just for torture yeah an altar filled with gore
Well leave their bodies stuck here, trapped forevermore
When he’s done the world will know there is no fucking god

Trapped here in these woods!
Where there is no Law!

Verse 2
Those kids, i saw them, they’re just around the bend
I think its about time we put their party to an end
We’ll rough em up and cuff em up just to lock em down
We’ll teach those punks a lesson for thrashing in our town!

Stick with me, i know this place, i’ve been here before
A scary place of torture yeah an altar filled with gore
Those kids they fucking lead us here knowing what’s in store!
We’ve got to run! Where’s the windows? Where’s the fucking door?

Trapped here in these woods!
Where there is no Law!

[The wondrous sounds of cops being slaughtered by an undead, chainsaw wielding maniac]


released July 6, 2016
Mixed and Mastered by Patrick Bruss of Crypticus using equipment and techniques exclusive to the year 1986.



all rights reserved


Axeslasher California

"The bottom line is this: Axeslasher write capital-E Evil riffs, the kinds of songs that are bound to inspire many an injurious pit. They are the real deal. Get on board with ‘em now, or be forced to eat pizza ’til you puke." -


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